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  • Code of Conduct

    “Digi-Transit Consortium - e-Documents Single Window initiative

    All member representatives (individuals participating in any Consortium activities on the part of a member) are expected to behave in a collegial and professional fashion in accordance with this Code of Conduct. As part of the Consortium Membership Agreement, members agree to familiarize their representatives with this Code of Conduct, require them to behave accordingly, and agree to remove or replace a member representative who violates the Code of Conduct if the Consortium so requests.

    1. Representatives of Consortium members agree to behave in a collegial and professional fashion when engaged in Consortium Activities, in accordance with the Membership Agreement and this Code of Conduct Behavior prejudicial to the free and easy exchange of ideas and discourse, such as "flaming" on discussion forums or overbearing attitudes on mailing lists and in meetings, is considered inappropriate and unprofessional.
    2. Representatives of Consortium Members appointed to serve as Chairs or Co-Chairs of Consortium Committees are expected to actively conduct the business of their committees in a fair and impartial fashion and to ensure that their organization supports their work in chairing the committee.
    3. Representatives of Consortium members are welcome to discuss or present the Consortium and its activities at external events or activities such as discussion forums, but shall not imply or suggest that they speak officially for the Consortium.
    4. Representatives of Consortium members shall abide by the Consortium Intellectual Property Rights Policy with respect to proprietary and confidential information of their members in the course of Consortium activities.
    5. Representatives of Consortium members shall not disclose in-progress work or activities of the Consortium which are deemed private to the Consortium and its participants. In-progress work or activities that are covered by this clause include, but are not limited to, draft meeting minutes, draft position papers, draft questionnaires, and draft announcements. Consortium members often participate in directly related work taking place within standards organizations and these activities remain subject to the intellectual property rules and disclosure rules of the relevant standards bodies.
    6. Violations of the Code of Conduct on the part of an individual may ultimately result in the individual being asked to leave a meeting, be suspended from some or all Consortium activities, or the Member asked to remove the individual from further involvement with the Consortium.
    7. Consortium members will actively endorse and promote their Digi-Transit membership via their own communication channels (e.g. websites, trade fairs) and communication channels of related organisations.

    1. Consortium (prospective) members will actively involve related organisations and/or industry organisations to endorse and promote Digi-Transit and their members’ e-CMR solutions in a positive and respectful way to grow the e-CMR category. Disqualification of other members and their e-CMR solutions is in an active manner will lead to:
      1. an immediate termination of the Digi-Transit membership in case of an existing membership
      2. exclusion from membership for prospective members
    2. Digi-Transit members will comply with anti-trust legislation. Members will not engage in activities and agreements that prevent or obstruct competition in the e-CMR market.
  • Scope and objectives of the proposed action

    European logistics have a growing interest in digitalisation and paperless transports. However, they have limited access to the specialized knowledge, technology tools, matchmaking methodologies and logistics data analytics which are necessary building blocks to pursue logistics synergies and innovation.

    Hence, it is the ambition of this DIGI-TRANSIT project:

    • To stimulate the competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the logistics in Europe through increased transport and logistics collaboration and data sharing by using e-documents
    • To create a trusted, EU anti-trust compliant collaborative environment for transport, shippers and related stakeholders to discuss and apply logistics collaboration, innovation and data sharing
    • Evangelize, promote, explore and facilitate a model of cooperation through this community. To actively search for, explore and test collaborative logistics opportunities and data sharing technologies
    • To look for logistics synergies, transport flow bundling and data sharing opportunities among the participating logistic companies, simultaneously on 2 tracks:
      • “people track”: with focus on networking, cultural and mental shift, evangelization, education and dissemination
      • “data track”: with focus on advanced data analytics, network synergy exploration, technology testing, creation of collaborative demo projects and exploitation of results
    • To set up a “neutral trustee” structure and flow database that collects, visualizes and analyses the transport and logistics (big) data of the participating logistic companies
    • To start with a small group of early believers (min. 5 logistic companies) who are willing to share transport and logistics knowledge, ideas and data in order to identify or create logistics synergies
    • To gradually scale up this community, creating a “mental shift” or “snowball effect” with regard to collaborative logistics in Europe
    • To disseminate the community progress and results through open information events, networking seminars and workshops across Europe
    • To openly share knowledge and connect with logistic supply chain professionals, LSPs, academics, technology providers, ports and industry associations (e.g. EPCA) across Europe as well in other regions
    • To keep a pragmatic focus on collaborative logistics quick wins (=no “heavy” or academic R&D)
    • To build a pan-European access for government with 785collaborative logistics opportunities
    • To connect with other international initiatives aimed at improving transport and logistics efficiency.

    Active members of this community will be expected to contribute in one or more of the following 3 ways:

    • Time & resources: minimal staff effort, e.g. 12 working days/year
    • Logistics data: e.g. sharing of supply chain data with the neutral trustee
    • Financial: e.g. annual member fee of EUR XXX (tbc)

    If 5 or more logistic companies are willing to express their interest through a Letter of Support, there is a significant chance that the DIGI-TRANSIT Community will receive co-funding from the EU and/or Flanders Region.

    Tentative duration: May 2019 – May 2024.

Benefits of this membership:

  • Access to an ecosystem of technology companies that specialize in cross-border digitization within logistics
  • Participation in open innovation to strengthen logistical cooperation and data exchange
  • A better service to end customers through the application of innovative market-driven technology

Do you want to help build your supply chains of tomorrow with your organization? Then sign up today as a member and join. After completing the online registration, your organization is invited for the first activities and initiatives.


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